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Wristies, Inc - The Company

Wristies®' originally began in 1994 on the dining room table. At one point it grew to take over the living room, kitchen table, basement, upstairs bedroom, loft, and garage. Now, located in a renovated cotton mill in Rollinsford, New Hampshire, Wristies are produced in a more traditional manufacturing environment. We keep growing with a whole lot of help from our best resource, you, our customers! We're so grateful to you all for your ideas and suggestions for new markets and products. Truly, you, our loyal and supportive customers, have made us grow. Thinking back to the advice KK gave during her interview on Oprah, if you have a good idea, "go for it!," we continue to develop Wristies to its fullest.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations, let us know. Fill out our CONTACT US page or drop us an email at [email protected]. We're listening!

Wristies is a Registered Trademark owned by Wristies Inc.
Some Wristies' styles are patented.

What are Wristies?

Wristies are fingerless gloves, glove liners, cuffs, and a fashion accessory -- all in one! Worn on cool days, Wristies keep your hands warm and fingers free. On colder days, put a glove or mitten over your Wristies. Wristies are worn in the office, around town, on the trolley or to keep warm anywhere! Great for mom, dad, the boss or the mail carrier. Grandma loves them too! Wristies are made from Polartec®, a Malden Mills highly technical polyester fleece. Polartec breathes, is water repellent, and retains body heat. The fabric also wicks away moisture from your body. Wristies are incredibly soft, warm, and comfortable to wear. They come in many different styles.

What do Wristies do?

Wristies keep you warmer, that's what they do! Wristies cover the back of your hands where there are lots of capillaries and blood vessels doing their thing and they also cover your pulse point (they don't call it that for nothing!), this results in your whole body feeling warmer. With Wristies, the circulation in your hands warms and improves, even when your fingers aren't covered. As glove liners, Wristies keep the wind and rain from invading that gap between your coat and gloves. And in the snow, they keep that cold, wet, white stuff from going up your sleeves - especially if you wear them while snow fort building, skiing, sledding, etc. Wristies prevent heat from being lost from around your wrists and hands, so you won't get that bothersome and painful ice build up on your coat cuff. And if you take your gloves off to adjust something like goggles or zip up, Wristies are still there to keep at least some of your body heat close at hand (ahem). You stay warmer, that's the fact. Of course don't let this "snow job" of a story prevent you from wearing Wristies inside or for other reasons! Many people wear Wristies just to keep them warm - inside their offices, around town, or on the slopes.

How do I wear Wristies?

When wearing Wristies as glove liners, put Wristies on over your shirt or sweater cuff and before you put on your jacket or coat. This does a variety of things: it anchors your garment sleeve keeping it from sliding up your jacket. Plus, Wristies keep that shirt sleeve dry. No more wet cuffs! Also, for youngsters, this helps them to zip their jackets easier because they put on their mittens after they put on their coat. No more Frankensteinian, "Zip me up, Mom!" They'll do it themselves!

Thousands of people wear Wristies without gloves and mittens, too. They wear them while they type to keep their wrists and fingers warm and flexible. They wear them shopping. They wear them while they read a book or watch TV. Some people even sleep in them. Some folks wear Wristies all the time, putting them on before they turn up their thermostats! "I started wearing Short Wristies as soon as they were available and prefer them", says Sue Gregory, President. "More recently, I've switched back to the longer length. I like to accordian fold them up from the elbow end so that the outside of the material shows and hides the inside tag. This creates a slightly tighter feel around my wrist and if I need the longer length, it's right there - I simply unroll them! Its quick and easy!"

Which style should I buy?

Original Wristies: Our most versatile style of Wristies. Original Wristies are designed to be worn under coats, gloves or mittens, and are often worn alone. They keep snow, wind and rain from going up sleeves. Great for snow sports, motorcycle riding, and other activities where snow, wind and/or rain might invade that gap between coats and gloves. Some folks with longer arms also find the Original Wristies length, which measures 4" longer than Short Wristies, great when shirt sleeves are too short.

Short Wristies are best worn as finger free gloves. designed to cover your hand and wrist only and are best worn as fingerless gloves, if you don't intend to use Wristies as a glove liner, then Short Wristies should do the trick. Short Wristies are great for cold offices, walking the dog, or adding a splash of color to your favorite outfit.

Heated Wristies, with the length of Short Wristies but with a pocket to carry a mini hand warmer. These are wonderful for people who have circulation problems in their hands, such as those with Reynaud's syndrome. They are also good in situations where you want to keep your hands extra warm such as outdoor work on cold days. Heated Wristies fit on either hand so the warmers can face either the back or the palm of your hand, where ever you want to direct the extra warmth.

Wristiecuffs, Short Wristies with a two tone look and a warm thick cuff. Great for long days spent typing in the office, the extra fabric around the wrist helps with correct hand placement on the keyboard. Keep warm and show off your style.

Light Wristies, Made of a lighter weight fabric than Original Wristies, Light Wristies are wonderful for spring and fall warmth and as glove liners or as Short Wristies, every day! Light Wristies are avaiable in the Original and Short length.

Sleeves, Designed for very delicate and fragile skin and developed with the help of nursing and health care facilities on both coasts. Sleeves come in 3 lengths and 2 sizes. Unlike Wristies®, seams on Sleeves are on the OUTSIDE of the garments and have no reinforcing stitching around fingers for complete softness, protection, and warmth.

Tubies: Neck warrmers or ear warmers - you choose! Fold them in half, they warm your ears and forehead; open them up and they warm your neck. Tubies are a great multi-purpose winter accessory

Cutie Tubies: We've taken the classic Tubie you love and added a snazzy bow for those days that you simply have to show off your style.

Performance: Performance Wristies are completely redesigned Wristies, perfect for all outdoor activities. The breathable and moisture wicking fabric keep your hands/wrists dry and warm while fingers are free or in a glove! Performance Wristies have a more sleek look and custom fit to our original products.

Tekk: Tekk Wristies are made of Power Streatch Polartec 88% Poly, 12% Lycra, hard-faced fleece with Durable Water Repellency (DWR). This style is very durable, ready for all extreme activities and work enviornments. Tekk Wristies allow the wearer to protect the gap between jacket and glove while keeping their fingers free when the glove is removed to take pictures or check the GPS.

What about colors, sizes, and price of Wristies?

Wristies and Tubies are available in the following colors this year: Aqua, Black, Blaze Orange, Brown, Camel, Charcoal (Tekk Only), Forest Green, Gray, Hot Pink, Kelly Green, Leaf Green, Navy, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Safety Yellow, and White

Wristies sizes and styles and prices:

* Original Wristies: Adult Large / Small - prices start at $14.75
* Original Wristies: Child Large / Small - prices start at $11.50
* Original Wristies: Child Toddler - prices start at $10.00
* Heated Wristies: Adult Large / Small - prices start at $19.50
* Short Wristies: Adult Large / Small - prices start at $12.75
* Light Original Wristies: Adult Large / Small - prices start at $14.75
* Light Short Wristies: Adult Large / Small - prices start at $12.75
* Wristiecuffs: Adult Large / Small - prices start at $14.75
* Tubies: Small/Medium / Medium/Large - prices start at $14.75
* Cutie Tubies: Small/Medium / Medium/Large - prices start at $19.50
* Performance: Adult Small / Medium / Large - prices start at $24.99
* Tekk: Adult Small / Medium / Large - prices start at $27.99

What size should I buy?

Generally, Adult Small fits most women, Adult Large fits most men. Some women who buy large sized gloves will feel more comfortable in Adult Large. And vice versa, some men with smaller hands fit nicely into Adult Small. Both young teen girls and boys fit in
to Adult Small, but once boys hit mid high school, they often are sized best in Adult Large. Children fit into three different sizes: Toddler usually fits children 0-3 or 4 years old. 4-8 year olds generally fit Child Small, and those 8-12 usually fit Child Large.

Tubies and Cutie Tubies:
Small/Medium fits most children and smaller adults, Medium/Large fits most adults

Where can I find Wristies?

Wristies are available at select stores across the country, but since we have your attention, why don't you visit our store here on the web? All the colors, and some that aren't listed, are available right here, right now! We accept DISCOVER®, MasterCard®, VISA®, and American Express
® credit cards. We also accept personal checks drawn on US banks -- simply print out the order form and send it with your check. Of course you can always call us, 603-740-9800 Monday through Friday 9-3 east coast time (longer hours during winter months) but if you have to leave a message, tell us when to call you back. We usually ship within 24 hours and generally via first class or priority mail. If you know of a store that you think should sell Wristies, well, tell them to call us! We love seeing more stores and catalogs sell Wristies. Most of the stores that stock Wristies do so because our customer recommended them! Thanks. We sincerely appreciate it.

Thanks so much to all our wonderful customers! You've helped us grow!