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Wristies Press Releases:
    * Wristies supports those dealing with Breast Cancer with a practical gift
    * Wristies Incorporated moves to Rollinsford and brings textile manufacturing back to Salmon Falls Mills


    * "Inventions by Kids", October 1, 2011
    * "Kid Inventors with Cindy Perman" Today Show, September 30, 2011
    *Wristies® returns to Bedford Massachusetts for Boston's FOX 25 Zip Trip - Live, May 14, 2010
    "Successful Business Moves to Rollinford," WMUR Channel 9, September 30, 2009
    * "Bright future in cold hands: Wristies relocates to Salmon Falls mill," Foster's Daily Democrat, September 14, 2009
    * Wristies reviewed in Birdwatcher's Digest - March-April 2009
    * Wristies donates its hand warmers to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition!
    * Wristies donates hundreds of Wristies fingerless gloves to troops in Iraq

"Successful Business Moves to Rollinford," WMUR Channel 9, September 30, 2009
Local news segment "Open for Business" TV reporter Josh Davis called us up and asked if they could come right over and film for this piece to air that evening.  Goodness sakes!  No time for hair and makeup, we had to vacuum, dust, straighten up!  We were going to have company!  What a wonderful piece!  Click on the link and watch the small screen video on the right side of the window.  Thanks, WMUR!  You folks did a wonderful job!

Wristies Incorporated get full coverage in business section of local newspaper

September 14, 2009's issue of Foster's Daily Democrat featured an in-depth article about our move from Lowell, Massachusetts to a 19th century mill building in Rollinsford, New Hampshire.  Several pictures capture behind the scenes activities.  Kittery Trading Post, Red's Shoe Barn, Daisey Jane's and Kids in Toe are mentioned as local stores selling Wristies.  Thanks to Jeremiah Turner for wonderful accuracy - and for sharing his insights during his visit!  Please click HERE to read the article.

Wristies reviewed in Birdwatcher's Digest - March-April 2009

The current issue of Birdwatcher's Digest has a wonderful review giving Wristies a thumbs' up for birdwatchers.  Fingers free, full dexterity - Wristies really are perfect for keeping hands warm and fingers free to adjust binoculars and telescopes.  "I was delighted with the digital mobility they afford - nearly unimpeded.  I could take notes, fiddle with my camera settings, and sketch, while keeping my hands warm.  I'm a fan.  For sleekness and maneuverability, these simple wrist sheaths beat any half-glove I've ever tried.  Find them.  Try them..."  Thanks, Julie Zikefoose!  That's worth repeating!

Wristies donates its hand warmers to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition!

When Extreme Makeover: Home Edition set out to build a house in Albany, New York, they contacted Wristies Inc to supply our fingerless gloves and Tubies to their production crew, security team, and the show's designers. We were thrilled at the invitation!

When we arrived, it was a frosty 24 degrees, perfect Wristies weather! The builders and volunteers were ready for the traditional "march-in" early that morning under a blazing sun, wearing their blue Extreme Makeover tee shirts. But hardly anyone remembered to bring gloves! They were freezing! Right away we passed out all the Wristies we had and watched in amazement as the "march" began. Hands were held high, banners and flags unfurled. What a march it was!

Temperatures continued cold and rains followed, but the building progressed with Wristies helping to keep workers and volunteers alike warm.  Feeling warmer overall wearing Wristies that allowed their fingers to be free, builders built, volunteers passed out coffee and snacks, and security directed traffic. Wristies' Tubies kept necks and ears warmer too. We felt so good to see Wristies really making a difference for these hardworking folks!

KK Gregory, the 10 yr old inventor of Wristies now 24 years old, joined me for the final 3 days of the build and we soon found ourselves as part of the Extreme Makeover team,  helping to move in new furniture, clean the kitchen for the camera, and stylize accessories around the house. It was a great experience to learn how the producers of Extreme Makeover, the builders, and the thousands of volunteers come together to make a much needed, new home a reality.


Sue Gregory Wristies, Inc.


Wristies donates its hand warmers to troops in Iraq.

During the Holiday Season, 2003, several hundred pairs of Wristies made their way to the war zone in Iraq, when it was learned that a good friend of Wristie's inventor, KK Gregory, had been killed in action.  For every five pairs of Wristies sold, we donated and shipped one pair to the troops.  When the father of our dear friend, John Hart, saw pictures of the troops wearing Wristies, he forwarded the link and sure enough, upon careful evaluation, you can see Wristies in action!  We're pleased that the troops found Wristies to be warm and comfortable.  These photos are purely candid - they are not modeling Wristies, but actually wearing them for warmth and protection.