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We truly LOVE reading your emails and letters. Many many heartfelt thanks
to all of our customers who send us their "Wristie" stories!   If you would like to tell us why you wear Wristies please send along your story to [email protected].  And thanks in advance for sharing with us. Please note that submitting a story allows Wristies, Inc. full use and privilege of the content. 

  • "I have a pair in every coat I own so that I'm never without." - Francis, Maryland, USA
  • "I will wear them in our office.  Temps have been dropped to save $." - Cathy, Colorado, USA
  • "Congratulations on the wonderful idea and the quality of the workmanship is wonderful!" - John, Massachusetts, USA
  • "Used to wear them at work (computer work mostly) now ALL THE TIME!!!" - Judith, California, USA
  • "I love your product!  It has already saved my 5-year-old from several "meltdowns" on the ski slopes-she hates getting snow down the sleeves of her jacket when she falls in the snow.  It's no longer an issue!" - Anonymous

Wristies for staying warm at work
"I'm a professional author who for some unknown reason writes best in the cold. Wristies are about the only thing that can keep my hands going. THANKS WRISTIES! (Written while wearing my pair...)" - John Ringo, New York Times bestselling author

"I love all of my Wristies. I have several pairs of them, both heated and unheated. I am a medical transcriptionist and I need to keep my hands warm in the winter time so that I can type!. Wristies fill the bill very nicely." - R.M., USA

"They arrived yesterday & it was love at first sight!!!  I had them delivered to my place of work & immediately put them on.  Not only did they happen to match what I was wearing but my hands didn't get cold or go numb all day while I was typing at my computer!!!" - Susan, USA

Musicians love Wristies
 "Wristies are the ideal way to keep my hands warm in cold or drafty situations, allowing me to perform at my peak. It's something EVERY musician should carry in their case."  - Sharon Isbin, Grammy Winner, Director Guitar Department, The Juilliard School

"I'd tried every kind of fingerless glove imaginable until I ordered Wristies, and since then they've probably saved my career.  Thank you so very much!" - Martha Adcock, three time grammy nominee

"Love Wristies!  So many classical musicians are starting to use them.  Thanks so much, Wristies are a life saver!"  - Kristen, Arlington, TX

Wristies for people with Raynaud's and Fibromyalgia and other medical conditions
"They are a great product (as you already know) and they keep my hands warm and comfortable so that I do not have to take any medication to give them comfort.  They are like little security blankets for my hands. (I wear them almost all the time - even when sleeping)."  - Pam, USA

"Love that your daughter invented this...[great] for people who need to get those veins up.  Give her a big hug and tell her THANK YOU. LOL My nurse will thank her too and she will spread the word to other patients about these gloves."  - Lew, USA

"I have placed many orders in the past, I love your Wristies! They are the best! I am an artist and they help so much, for I have trouble with Raynaud's syndrome when it gets cold.  In the winter I even sleep with a pair on." - C.B., USA

"Since I have Raynaud's Syndrome, the constant warmth provided by your wonderful Wristies is a great blessing to me. Thanks for a terrific product!"  - V.K., California, USA

"These things are positively fabulous!  I've been wearing them all day in my frigid office and my wrists are pain free.  Great for people with Fibromyalgia." - Teni P  

Wristies for bikers
"I'm a motorcycle enthusiast living in New Hampshire, so our riding season can be pretty short (June, July, August). Wristies extend the riding season by several months, a complete joy to die-hard motorcyclists. They completely eliminate any cold air rush up the sleeves of my jackets and are the perfect solution to early and late season riding. With my new Wristies arriving just a few weeks back and Mother Nature on her best behavior, offering us a sunny 55-degree weather, the Wristies offered me the opportunity to take that once in a lifetime, December 29th motorcycle ride of the season. Thanks KK and your family, for a great product." - Lucie, New Hampshire, USA

The true spirit of Christmas
"Hi, Sue ~ I always think about you at this time of year. I'm doing another "Wristies Christmas" this year by adding Tubies that will match the Wristies I gave my sister's last year. I'm also giving matching sets to my co-workers at the church where I work now. Last year it was my book club and the gals at the drive-through where I buy my bagel every morning. One of the bagel gals asked me last week for the wristies website, as she'd misplaced her pair, and wanted to buy more for herself and for gifts. I love spreading the warmth! Then, last week, we had our annual mitten tree at church, where we decorate a tree in the sanctuary with new hats and mittens and gloves. I had forgotten to order wristies for the mitten tree, but I just sent in an order for 10 children"s wristies to be delivered directly to the mitten donation site, the community health center, where poor and homeless children get medical care in Lynn, Mass. I'm just so grateful to be able to go on-line and get such a lovely and useful gift to put my loved ones and those in need into a cozy comfort zone. It means a lot to me that you have kept your items affordable over the years ~ and keep me away from the malls, please! In holiday cheer and appreciation." - L.A., Boston, USA