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About Wristies, Inc.

KK signing trademark papersOn a cold and snowy winter's day, 10 year old KK Gregory was out building a snow fort when her wrists started to hurt because they were cold and wet.  She remedied the problem by creating the first pair of Wristies, wearing them under her coat and mittens. 

She tried out her novel and unique creation on her scout troop who encouraged her to make more.  Further encouraged by her mom and dad to see herself as an inventor, KK applied for a pate
nt, trademarked the name Wristies, and started her company! 

Wristies are taking the world by storm (excuse the pun) with people wearing the glove for all sorts of reasons, including as a fingerless glove!  They wear them in their cold offices while they type, as practice and performance gloves while playing instruments, or while walking their dog! Mostly people like them because they just help them keep warmer.  If you have specific questions about Wristies, Inc, please e-mail us at [email protected]

To learn more about our company, click here, Company Info or the link at the bottom of the page.  And to learn more about KK, Wristie's inventor, click here, or the link on the left